Cable ОКТБг-М(1,5)П-2*8Е1-0,40Ф3,5/0,30H19-16 corrugated steel armor, 2 steel strength member, PE sheath Odeskabel

Article: ОКТБг-М(1,5)П-2*8Е1Manufacturer: Odeskabel
Country: Ukraine

Cable ОКТБг-М(1,5)П-2*8Е1-0,40Ф3,5/0,30H19-16, corrugated steel armor


Cable type ОКТБг designed for installation directly in grounds of all categories, including in areas with high corrosion aggression and the territories infected with rodents, but subjected to low temperature and other deformations. It can be laid in cable ducts, pipes, blocks, on bridges, as well as on the outer walls of buildings.

This is an analogue cable A-D(ZM)(SG)2Y brand Corning


Quantity optical fibers: 16

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